Writers on Location – Melanie Finn on Tanzania

Read Melanie Finn’s novel, SHAME, also (like FACES IN THE RAIN) set in Tanzania.

The Literary Sofa

Melanie Finn-detailThe list of places which have featured in Writers on Location is varied – Cuba, Arctic Norway, Mallorca, Las Vegas, to name but a few – but it is also pleasingly random.  There’s no plan: each post starts with me reading a novel with a brilliantly handled setting and I enjoy fiction set all over the world.  But even so, I’m delighted that Africa is making its first appearance in the series.  Today’s guest Melanie Finn was born in Kenya and her deep knowledge and understanding of this extraordinary continent is evident in her new novel SHAME, set in Tanzania.  She joins me to talk about a subject which is new to the Literary Sofa – witchcraft! (My mini-review follows):

There’s a strong dose of witchcraft in my novel, SHAME; the characters experience it as authentic magic or as the consequence of powerful belief.  I’m 99% sure witchcraft is chicanery. …

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