Geoffrey Wells’ Freedom Trilogy

Suspense novels of revolution, blood ivory, and love in forgotten places.

Atone for the Ivory Cloud

Can she bring down the cyber criminals who hacked her website to traffic ivory?

 An electronic composer and coder in New York goes undercover to help trap a cybercrime syndicate that is running the supply chain in the ivory Cloud. Will she risk her music, her lover and her privacy—for the greater good? Hell yes.

Will she take them down?

A Fado for the River

He faked her death to help her escape Mozambique.

37 years later, at a film festival in Lisbon, someone blames this American TV executive for her murder. But in 1974, all three warring factions wanted her secret—or her life. As the Carnation Revolution swept Portugal, the lovers fled Mozambique, the war-torn colony. And lost each other. 

Now he must find her.

Coming in 2019…

The Drowning Bay

In this, the third book of The Freedom Trilogy, Allison, still relentlessly committed to the freedom of a musician’s life finds that she’s enslaved herself to saving the bay–and the love of her life.

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