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Impressions on a South African farm, boarding school, parents who read the classics to their children, all sparked Geoffrey Wells with a writer’s imagination. The diverse interests of piano, playing drums, running track, observing elephants in Botswana and exploring Mozambique, gave Wells a framework for his first thriller, A FADO FOR THE RIVER. He found adventure climbing the Drakensberg Mountains and in the cold desert nights while reluctantly serving in a commando unit of the South African army. His career as Art Director in advertising led him to the American Film Institute, and later digital technology propelled him to VP/CIO at Disney, ABC-TV stations and Fox. Wells wrote an award-winning animated film, has visited elephant reserves and climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro. He lives on Long Island where he swims the open water and runs a video and design company. He writes thrillers about imperfect characters who fight villains that devastate our natural and virtual ecosystems. His press information is at

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Geoffrey Wells writes about privacy, elephant conservation, cyber trends, and music. And of course, updates on his latest thriller, Atone for the Ivory Cloud.


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