We publish content that makes a positive difference.

It’s how we think.

We publish content makes a positive difference.
Art. Imagine. Move.

Geoffrey Wells and Cynthia Wells produce work
from seasoned judgement and experience. We constantly stay current on hardware and software
including Adobe Creative Cloud, and LinkedIn Learning.
We gain perspective from constant learning and
our life-long pursuit of knowledge and excellence.

And we love what we do.
See what we’re currently working on below.

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“Under the Drink”
(Celluclay and mixed media)
See Cynthia's Portfolio.
The tree spectrum
(Celluclay and mixed media)
See the Cynthia Wells portfolio
Written by Peggy Dickerson
Illustrated by Cynthia Wells
Designed and Published by Geoffrey Wells
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Apple Books & Kobo, etc
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The 3d exhibit

Cynthia's exhibit at
John David Rose Studio
Architect P.C. AIA

Thank you, McCall Wines

We had a great time on October 11. Stay tuned for our next event.

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