Ice Wine Productions is an integrated Video and Graphics Studio

In 2012 I founded Ice Wine Productions, Inc (IWP). My video productions have included corporate, promotional, major non-profit events, political, seminars and trailer videos. The studio has designed and deployed two logos, six food label designs and is in the process of publishing a children’s picture book, illustrated by my wife, which I am art directing.

View some recent video productions here.

These videos represent work I alone have shot, sound recorded and edited either in FinalCut Pro or Adobe Premiere. All postproduction graphics, titles, and effects were created by me or sourced from my own work. Most projects I take on are produced with the help of Adobe Creative Suite applications. Consequently, I am fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and some basic features of After Effects. I am fluent in FinalCut Pro. 

Having been involved on the creative side of advertising in both print and video production I recognize that every ad campaign is necessarily a multi-media project that requires continuity between visual media and social media. I am well-versed in this cross-over discipline and am an enthusiastic collaborator in that regard.

Please see my portfolio of graphics. (Double click to view complete image.)

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