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Never Less Book Cover

Never Less
is the middle grade thriller written for you.
It evokes the fentanyl overdoses
on Long Island.

Never Less is a timely thriller for you middle grade readers. 

Never Less is an empowering and relatable adventure about two friends your age from diverse backgrounds that outsmart an addicted problem dad. 

Mindy comes from a well-healed family. Her father is a doctor but also addicted to “painkillers”. Pablo is a Dreamer kid whose family could be deported at any time. When the two soccer buddies discover suspicious goings-on at the old mill on Mattituck Inlet, on the Long Island Sound, they decide to investigate with the help of an octogenarian mentor who tells them that, during Prohibition, the mill was used to smuggle bootleg liquor. The pair set out to stop a callous scheme to yank the safety net away from opioid-use disorder patients by lacing recovery pills with a fatal dose of fentanyl.

Read how Pablo and Mindy find their power in helping each others dad. 

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