It's what drives us to publish.
There is no point in publishing content that does not add value.
We are relentless in finding what is helpful.
Whether found in my book themes on privacy, conservation or lost love,
or partnering with other authors and companies to realize their vision,
Ice Wine Productions finds a way to be relentlessly helpful.

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Book development

From the concept to reader we ensure every book detail right for its market.


From visits at bookstores to tapping the ebook ecosystem our mantra is to publish for all media.

Children's Books

Moonglow, a children's book that aims to teach about the forest animals.

Moonglow: A book for children from 3 to 8~


The book has fifteen double-page illustrations and thirty spiecies of animals, birds and insects. Illustrated by Cynthia Wells.

Playful fiction

On a moonlit night in the forest magical things happen. Written by Peggy Dickerson who writes about thirty years of teaching the environment to kids.

Natural history

A teaching aid filled with vocabulary, science and interesting facts. Virtual presentations available on request.

A Fado for the River

He faked her death to help her escape Mozambique. Now he must find her.

Atone for the Ivory Cloud

Can she bring down the cyber criminals who hacked her website to traffic ivory?

The Drowning Bay

An ecoactivist abandons her son to fight the myopia of a bay town when an ex-con, released into a hellish freedom,
comes to his aid.

"Ice Wine Productions and Geoffrey Wells guided this project to fruition. Geoffrey's technical knowledge, professional advice, as well as his art direction and editing recommendations have been invaluable to the making of this book."

~Peggy Dickerson, author of Moonglow.
Peggy Dickerson

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