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On parole, while trying to survive her freedom, an ex-con comes to the aid of a boy looking for his mother who left to fight the myopia of a small town.

Now the
is missing in the wetlands.

All Allison wants is to restart her music career.
But something’s out of whack. She violates her parole by hacking the activist’s website only to realize that she can never reveal the shocking unpublished blog she discovers.
Then she sees a body in the fishkill.
Her parole officer can never know about this—nor can the boy.
Or anyone.

Will doing the right thing send her back to prison?

Tolerance & diversity

Immigrants, refugees, Africans, and an ex-con:
all of whom love the boy who's looking for his mother...


Who in the small town government is being paid off to manipulate pesticide programs?


If one grain of poison can kill eight people, what will it do to the bay?

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