The Ice Wine Studio

Like late harvest grapes our studio produces work, wine-sweet from seasoned judgement and experience. We stay current on hardware and software including Adobe Creative Cloud tools, and learning skills on LinkedIn Learning. We gain our perspective from The Great Courses and Masterclass, and from our life-long pursuit of knowledge and excellence. We love what we do!




It's how we think


Publishing is sharing. We believe that if a vision is worth the effort then it deserves to be shared across multiple platforms, formats, media and methods.


The studio is the hand inside the publishing glove. From simple design to multi-layered illustrations the studio always executes with the highest quality and resolution.


The hands of publishing express themselves through movement. Video and animation is the emotive glove of communication.

"We are only free when we are chained to a greater good."
Geoffrey Wells
Writer, Publisher, Designer.
Always looking to push boundries as an artist.
Cynthia Wells
Illustrator, animator, painter, sculptor.

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Ice Wine Productions, Inc.

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