Frequently Applied Quandaries

An incidental biography that prompt my own Frequently Asked Questions,
or more accurately, the frequently applied quandaries, which are a subtext of my life
–and more true than my official biography.

Windmill sitting

Dilemma: I was five when I ventured to the top of the windmill, then negotiated with my mother to come down with impunity. But it was getting dark…

My Spitfire bike

Dilemma: My first bike was my Spitfire.  There were squadrons approaching over the YMCA hockey field next door. But the dog fight…was with the dog next door biting my wheels.

A bird

A boy with a BB gun and the the bird that changed his life.

the haunted horses

A sleep over at a friend’s place, and why I ran home in the middle of night.

the goat in the tree/the grave by the river

A goat died with it’s leg caught in V of a tree and below by the river the grave of the girl who died of melingitis.

the glut

Watermelons piled as high as a truck–dumped and rotting at the market. 

the river that flowed uphill

Early cross-country running and an altered state of perception.


First love…or was just an obsession?


A trip into the dark side of ritualistic “healing”.


Raking leaves in the fall. A bob was a shilling–one twentieth of a British pound. And the leaves kept falling.

the band

A friend with a banjo and a pair of sticks.

MacArthur Park on the back of a truck

Hitched a ride and heard it for the first time.

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