Atone for the Ivory Cloud

She must bring down cyber criminals who are trafficking ivory

—and trashing her website.

A talented electronic composer and coder in New York must go

undercover to help trap a cybercrime syndicate that is running the Ivory Cloud supply chain.

Will she risk her music, her lover and her privacy—for the greater good?

Hell yes!

Hell, for sure.

She must survive impossible physical, virtual and cultural obstacles and choose between the opposing forces of privacy and responsibility.

The CIA leaves her no option but to go undercover to set the trap. She must modify the code she wrote to protect her symphony and is deployed with a savvy street vendor to Tanzania, where he is from—and where the cybercrime trail goes dead. Their guarded love affair is sidelined after being abducted by a trafficker who poaches elephants on a massive scale. To avoid betraying each other they abandon their handlers and return to New York City. Allison must bring down the syndicate or sacrifice her music, her lover and her privacy—for a greater good.

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Geoffrey Wells writes about privacy, elephant conservation, cyber trends, and music. And of course, updates on his latest thriller, The Drowning Bay.

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Note that the cover below replaces the previous cover, which is still on pending the update with this new cover.

Atone for the Ivory Cloud by Geoffrey Wells.


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