Eco-thrillers from the heart of forgotten places.

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A new Geoffrey Wells eco-thriller of two women finding belonging
in a lost ecosystem,
and protecting a bay...
their way.

Returning from the previous novels:

Gida, from A Fado for the River , a double agent during the Mozambique civil war,
and Allison from Atone for the Ivory Cloud,
a composer who had to stop the ivory traders.

for the River

He faked her death to help her escape the secret police.

He’s become a successful American executive…and now blamed for her murder. But in the revolution all three warring factions wanted her secret—or her life. As the Carnation Revolution raged in Portugal, the lovers fled the war-torn colony, but their commitments separated them.

Now a fado singer reveals his deepest secret…

for the
Ivory Cloud

Cyber criminals have hacked her website to traffic ivory…

A composer who codes her music goes undercover to help trap a cybercrime syndicate that is using her website to trade ivory. Will she risk her music, her lover and her privacy—for the greater good? 

Can she stop them?

Drowning Bay

Can they find belonging in a lost ecosystem?

 On parole, while trying to survive her freedom, an ex-con comes to the aid of a boy looking for his activist mother who’s left him to save the bay from a corrupt town…

Will finding the activist send her back to prison?

Geoffrey Wells

Me and my books

My books draw from my involvement in the environment.  I have observed elephants in Botswana, farmed oysters with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, and for the last five seasons I have videotaped and produced Long Island Grown, a lecture series with farmers and chefs for the Peconic Land Trust. I participate in triathlons and swim the open water of Peconic Bay.

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