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A middle grade adventure for ages 12 and up.

Book 1 of the Pablo and Mindy Mysteries.

Never Less

The day two twelve-year-olds stumble across a secret tunnel is the day they start to save their dads. Pablo is a Dreamer kid whose father is one step away from deportation. When self-assured Mindy begs Pablo to help her distract her dad from taking narcotics, Pablo realizes she too has a father to save. 

Can their octogenarian mentor keep them away from the derelict mill, now being used by drug traffickers? Or will the kids become victims in the drug trade when Pablo risks his life to sabotage a black market operation?

Never Less is a timely and empowering story to help middle graders learn about the complexities of the opioid crisis in an adventurous and relatable way. Young readers will see how they can solve tough grown-up problems by relying on their true friends more and more…never less.

This is not just a story about addiction, but a story about two teens who care so much about their fathers that they are willing to do anything to keep them safe. Pablo and Mindy are wise beyond their years, and their tenacity and big hearts showcase the importance of family, biological or chosen.” —Lindsay Larris, MSW, LCSW, LCADC, licensed therapist and alcohol and drug counselor

Never Less Book Cover
Illustration and Design by Leah Palmer Preiss.

The Trilogy for Freedom

Will a war heroine turned activist drown in a Long Island wetland? Delve into her psyche as she weighs her choice to care against her freedom to belong.

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Book One:
A thriller about a quest for freedom in a nation struggling for its own liberation.

He faked her death to escape the secret police.

Gida works for the shipping company and knows too much. Three warring factions on the verge of revolution want the name of the ship with a cargo of guns. Raf, a student on vacation, helps her escape across the border by faking her death. But the lovers split up, disagreeing about their commitment to freedom. Loveless years slip by until Raf gets a blackmail note. Facing ruin, he must prove he did not murder Gida in Mozambique. As if destined to be forever caught up in a fado, his regret and melancholy from the Portuguese folk song compels him to find her. Yearning to be liberated from his emotional apathy, he must uncover her treacherous life—as a double agent.

He must find her.

Book Two:
The FBI tells her they are trading ivory on her website. They say she can help.
She doesn't believe them.
But she must...

Passionate to regain her online status with composers she refuses to be a victim. In New York, they team her up with a Tanzanian street vendor but this no place to track down warlords who fund their wars by killing elephants. Drawn deeper into the mission they go undercover to infiltrate the black markets of Dar es Salaam. The mission quickly falls apart when she’s captured and forced to witness the poisoning of elephants at a waterhole. Her handlers can no longer be trusted. However, a clue in her music helps her partner to spring her from the warlord hideout. They run. They go dark and fall in love on a dhow headed for Mombasa. Are they headed into oblivion or will they return to New York changed forever?

Book Three:.
An eco-thriller about finding belonging
in a lost ecosystem.
Two women protecting a bay...
their way.

Does she lose her way in this heartbreakingly real eco-thriller?

To stay free Allison must keep a secret from a young refugee boy: his activist mother is never coming home. With the hacking skills that sent her to prison, she has, on her release, discovered the activist’s unpublished blog. She’s left her family and her adopted boy, to fight for the bay.

Me and my books

My books draw from my involvement in the environment.  I have observed elephants in Botswana, farmed oysters with the Cornell Cooperative Extension, and for the last five seasons I have videotaped Long Island Grown, a lecture series with farmers and chefs for the Peconic Land Trust. I participate in triathlons and swim the open water of Peconic Bay.

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