On parole, Allison, now an ex-con trying to survive her freedom, comes to the aid of an adopted African refugee boy. He’s lost his activist mother to a mounting ecological crisis and to a corrupt town in the pocket of developers.

The hacking skills that got her into trouble help her discover the activist’s unpublished blog. In violation of her parole she cannot risk her freedom by telling the shocking truth to her parole officer, or the boy, or anyone
—not after she sees the body in the fishkill.

The Drowning Bay cover

“Both delicate and powerful,
The Drowning Bay is a thrilling ecosuspense 
that weighs personal accountability against
a global responsibility.”

~Lauren Rico, award-winning author of the Reverie trilogy, a psychological thriller series, set in the world of competitive classical music.

The Drowning Bay is ambrosia for fans of Geoffrey Wells’s blue-ribbon ecosuspense trilogy. This exhilarating final installment brings together the major players in an intriguing new setting, the semirural east end of Long Island, which is depicted with such skill and affection that it feels like a living, breathing character. The story takes the reader deep into Allison’s psyche while exploring issues of conservation, ethics, and conflicting responsibilities.

 ~ Pamela Burford, best-selling author of Undertaking Irene

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