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Canyon road

AS FREEDOM RINGSHEAR ITS ECHO On the 4th of July, America celebrates Independence Day. Inextricably bound to our freedom AN ECHO IGNORED We’ll hear the clichéd phase, “let freedom ring”, and perhaps forget that our nation’s “independence” meant freedom from

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Osprey catching fish

THE CRY OF THE OSPREY IS TO WAKE US UP Never, since its start in 1970, has Earth Day been more urgent. Now it’s past… Earth Days have not helped the planet heal, because this “holiday” is for us, for

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The ecosystem of violence: Knotted Gun sculpture in front of the UN

OUR SPECIES MUST STOP DEFLECTING ITS HUMANITY. The human social climate must inflect. With the new spring comes the question: Can the human race finally aspire to belonging in its own ecosystem? As I look forward to getting back to

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DEAREST EARTH, YOU’VE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG. Equilibrium of ecology and societycan be our gift to the future. CLIMATE: PART II RESPECT FOR DIVERSITYIS KEY TO THE SURVIVAL OF OUR SPECIES. JUST ASK NATURE. The foundation of modern ecology is

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