A 5 Star Review for "Atone"!

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This review from Kim D is posted on my Amazon page:

Geoffrey Wells follows up his debut novel, A FADO FOR THE RIVER, with a gripping page-turner in ATONE FOR THE IVORY CLOUD. Once again, Wells has produced a genre-crossing thrill ride of a book with something for everyone. Part thriller, part romance, part adventure against the backdrops of cybercrime and security; musical composing; and the world of the blood ivory trade, ATONE works on all levels. It’s rare to find a novelist who can combine so many moving parts and blend them into a novel that will have you holding your breath and guessing to the last page. Wells has pulled it off! What I particularly enjoy with Wells’ novels is that he manages to impart knowledge without the entertainment aspect of his stories suffering. I could see Wells’ background in Information Technology in the story, but it just made the storyline that much more authentic and interesting. In addition, I came away from ATONE FOR THE IVORY CLOUD with a much deeper understanding of the heartbreaking blood ivory trade. And, as with his first novel, Wells paints a magnificent picture of Africa, both its beauty and its blemishes. I have never visited Africa, but almost feel as if I have after reading ATONE. I hope Wells is planning a sequel, as I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Allison and Sipho. I can’t recommend ATONE FOR THE IVORY CLOUD highly enough! I thoroughly enjoyed it. You should also read Wells’ debut novel, A FADO FOR THE RIVER. I am a big fan of Geoffrey’s writing, and can’t wait to see what future stories he has to tell.
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