It’s all about you

It’s all about curious you. Excerpted from The Geoffrey Letter: October 23, 2023 NEVER IS NOT FOREVER WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN TO PABLO AND MINDY WHEN THEY REACH THE AGE OF TWENTY-TWO? Why, you might ask, do I pass over the YA (young adult) years in between? The answer is twofold: One, is that I […]


We all need a safety net, but need a true friendeven more… What does a child go throughwhen a parent is an opioid addict? I write thrillers to help readers with their own pain ~ Geoffrey Wells. WHY I WROTE THIS BOOK I wrote Never Less in the first person entirely from the point of […]


Canyon road

AS FREEDOM RINGSHEAR ITS ECHO On the 4th of July, America celebrates Independence Day. Inextricably bound to our freedom AN ECHO IGNORED We’ll hear the clichéd phase, “let freedom ring”, and perhaps forget that our nation’s “independence” meant freedom from Britain. But this is not a history lesson. It is a reminder that independence does […]


Osprey catching fish

THE CRY OF THE OSPREY IS TO WAKE US UP Never, since its start in 1970, has Earth Day been more urgent. Now it’s past… Earth Days have not helped the planet heal, because this “holiday” is for us, for humankind–an oxymoron if ever there was one. The uncomfortable truth is that the planet will […]


The ecosystem of violence: Knotted Gun sculpture in front of the UN

OUR SPECIES MUST STOP DEFLECTING ITS HUMANITY. The human social climate must inflect. With the new spring comes the question: Can the human race finally aspire to belonging in its own ecosystem? As I look forward to getting back to a normal life I realize that I don’t think I can. We’ve moved on. Those […]


DEAREST EARTH, YOU’VE BEEN RIGHT ALL ALONG. Equilibrium of ecology and societycan be our gift to the future. CLIMATE: PART II RESPECT FOR DIVERSITYIS KEY TO THE SURVIVAL OF OUR SPECIES. JUST ASK NATURE. The foundation of modern ecology is based on what scientists call the trophic cascade, and is not what we loosely think […]


Why I write about freedom. If you don’t already know this about my writing, I write about tough issues, the most difficult of which is freedom. With me, the devil is indeed in the details. I immigrated to the US in 1980 and belong to a generation of white South Africans who grew up disagreeing with […]


Back in November, we said if we can just get over this bridge to where everyone is vaccinated, perhaps we can live normal lives. But, that lifestyle has gone forever; as are, tragically, the many lives gone with it. However, there will be a new normal, and in many ways it will be better. Here […]

Themes to Ponder: Family, Altruism and Rebellion

Pondering the themes in The Drowning Bay:Family, Altruism and Rebellion Ponder, or pay… My goal when I was writing The Drowning Bay was to tease out that  “aha!” moment when the reader suddenly knows how the themes of the story informs its premise. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. I want the reader to […]

A 5 star review for Atone!

It’s rare to find a novelist who can combine so many moving parts and blend them into a novel that will have you holding your breath and guessing to the last page. Wells has pulled it off!

A rudder for 2017

(This is a post from my newsletter. If you want to see more of these, please sign-up. Thank you.)  As we set our sails for 2017, we will need to constantly adjust our rudder to steer us past the winds of change headed for our natural and virtual ecosystems. I hope my own actions are bolted […]

Review of The Ivory Game (Netflix)

I have watched this documentary twice, the first time to take in its scope, the second to understand what lies in the future for African elephants. Each time I am left asking: can the trafficking be stopped? Although a seemingly impossible task, the filmmakers show how dedicated, uncorrupt agents from Kenya and Tanzania collaborate with […]

The storm from an Ivory Cloud

As elephants die at the rate of thirty thousand a year, our own lives change. Most of us who are neither for or against ivory trafficking, watch on the sidelines. Occasionally, we might notice the statistics that spell out the tragic story. Putting aside the heartbreak, we’ll realize that all life matters and that one […]

Swimming in fiction’s deep sea

You’ve been writing for years. Then, one gorgeous summer night, you decide to commit to a writing life. You have floated in the sea of fiction, but now you want to compete with the best. So you work out. You build your strength for novel swimming. You hone your legs, abs, arms, and shoulders; the […]

A Library of Pebbles

It’s funny how we adapt. I always think of the extreme—how people deal with life during a war. You’ve seen the survivors: a child with flies drinking her tears, a woman walks through a bombed market, men sip espresso in shattered cafes, shopkeepers sweep up the broken glass. Let’s face it, people need to eat, […]

That intuitive space

  Letter #14: Managing space is something we all do. We exist in three dimensions, and, as sentient creatures we want to handle physical space in a way that suits us. While birds fly and build nests, we decorate homes, drive in traffic, and move in buildings where space has been well or poorly considered. […]

Geoffrey Wells Letter #9: Goals worth earning, owning and sharing

The relentless thing about achieving a goal is that once you get there, you have to hang on to it. Otherwise, what’s the point? Can you say that you have achieved a goal, if you haven’t figured out how to keep it? Yet, the skills and talent it takes to reach the milestone of just […]

Welcome to my new WordPress blog

Hi: I will now be using this new blog. Having recently sent The Faces in the Rain to my editor, I finally get to focus on communicating what the book is all about and why I wrote it.  Please stay tuned…


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